This blog has come to an end

This blog came to an end, as of last year.

I now blog at, “Liz’s Onward Journey.”

This can be found at:


It is already been visible since 21st August 2020. You can find a little more about my blog there and continue with my journey.

I have no plans to remove this blog at the moment. I have just this one remaining post after now deciding to remove the others. (I did this in May or June time of 2022.)

I will see you around WordPress, as I will keep my WordPress account open so I can comment at your blogs that I follow, or visit. So I will see you there and I hope to see you at mine at, Liz’s Onward Journey.

I have Liz’s Onward Journey open to all readers and followers that would like to leave a comment there. You don’t need a Google account to comment at Liz’s Onward Journey.

I have changed my profile here at WordPress, to make it even easier to come on over to Liz’s Onward Journey. So just by clicking on my name it will take you over there. I do hope you will join me, to continue with our community.

Look forward to further chatting with you, should you wish to join in.

Take care and thank you.

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