Hello world

Hello and welcome to, ‘My Wellbeing and Learning Journey.’ My name is Elizabeth, (but I don’t mind being called Liz.)

I decided to write this blog, to share some personal wellbeing and learning journeys. Hence the name of this blog.
At times, some of what I may write will be therapeutic for me and these may be distressing for some people who read them, so these posts will have a “Content Warning,” at the beginning of the post.
I hope that these posts I share, if you have experienced something similar, that they help you in some way.
From last year, I also started observing food labels and watching what I eat. I started off at 12 stone and now I am down to a healthy weight of 10.5 stone. I will talk about this in a future post.

What I won’t be discussing, is deaf-related posts, with the exception of a book review I will post later at some point. This book I participated in and it was a positive experience I am proud of. Not that I wasn’t proud of writing my deaf blog, as I have enjoyed the experience and friends made from it. I chose to end it because I felt I needed to get away from it. It’s me first and who I am, what I like etc… Not deaf, then who am I, etc… There is more to me than just my deafness.
I hope you understand this part, as to why I choose to no longer write deaf topics, as I feel at this point in my life I have to do this, to kind of keep moving forward. I have found many have been supportive and they have understood the reasons why behind it. (Thank you, if you are one of those reading this now.) But if I have friends that are reading it and are wondering if they can ask me a deaf related question. No, I don’t mind, I just don’t want to blog about it.

You can get involved, by leaving appropriate comments in post/s you have read. You can also sign up by email, to receive the latest posts directly to your email inbox.

For blog queries, there is an email to the right of this blog, but I cannot give you personal advice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I do hope you stay and read further posts to come.