Book review: ‘I quit sugar for life,’ by Sarah Wilson.

I bought this book: ‘I quit sugar for life,’ by Sarah Wilson as a motivator for the times I may crave sugar, when I don’t want to have it. Sarah Wilson has at times said in her book that she has had the odd cake, but after she has eaten it, her mind does think differently than before on how she views things.
She also makes a note for the reader, that it’s up to you how far you want to cut out sugar. But once you feel the benefits, like she does, you may decide to cut it out further and not have it any more.
The tips in the book really do help and there is useful advice. Whether you want to ditch sugar completely like Sarah Wilson, or reduce the intake like me, by avoiding pre-prepared foods that can sometimes have lots of sugar in them than you realise, as well as other things, like salt, etc… which Sarah Wilson also talks about in her book.
      Sarah Wilson also talks about maximizing nutrition with vegetables, detox safely without the fads, eating at home, as well as eating out, sustainably and more.
There are also some recipes you can try: desserts, cakes, lunch box fillers, comfort dinners and easily transportable breakfasts and lunches on the go.
This book is available at all bookshops.

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