Book review: ‘Goodbye sugar,’ by Elsa Jones.

This book is not to be rushed, if you want to gain some benefit from it. It is also a good idea to have a handy notebook, if you don’t want to write in the book itself, as you work through it.

Elsa Jones advises on reading this book in order as it is written, so you can build on knowledge and progress you have made in previous chapters. You also get the time to reflect on discoveries you may find about yourself and practise new skills you have. This all helps you to prepare for the 10-day sugar challenge.
I have gained benefit from this book and after doing the 10-day sugar challenge:

I lost weight and I am now at my target weight of 10.5 stone.
I have found my hair has shed less when washing, or brushing it.
Also my views of what my sweet allowance was going to be has changed, since doing it. I have now decided instead of 3 to 4 sugar treats a week, that it will now only be 2 to 3 a week.
I am also changing some other things I eat, to different food choices for the better, as well as having new foods I never had before.
I realise that having mid-morning and afternoon healthy snacks is good for me and helps to keep things stable. (I wasn’t a person who had snacks before, except for in the afternoon, which at one time wasn’t always good choices.)

The 10-day sugar challenge is where you cut out sugar, including sweeteners and some foods. It also advises leaving off caffeine during this time, even if you drink decaf. (The book will explain why.)
The 10-day sugar challenge helps bring your sugar cravings to a stable level, so you are not tempted to have a fix. I had no problem with this part, by the time I read the appropriate chapters before starting the challenge, because I already started reducing my sugar intake, (as well as salt,) back in February, last year.
The book also gives you a food list to help you with this challenge and there are also 30 sugar-free recipes.

I liked this book, because as well as the advice on how to quit, or reduce sugar, it gives advice on portion control and the mental skills to beat cravings and emotional eating. (Something I needed a little help with.)
Elsa Jones enhanced her nutritional skills, by completing a diploma in cognitive therapy. (CBT.) Elsa Jones found that using CBT as part of her dietary advice sessions, it helped her clients in changing their eating habits for good. The book; ‘Goodbye sugar,’ was born, so she could bring these tools to as many people as possible, to help take control over their eating habits.

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Although I have reviewed another book to do with quitting sugar, which I found very useful and enjoyable reading, it did not stay on my book shelf. Not that I have changed my mind about it since then, as I still would recommend it. But this book: ‘Goodbye sugar,’ by Elsa Jones is a book I know I will refer back to and so I am keeping.


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