Do you blog?

I have been a blogger since 2008, which I first started writing a personal deaf blog. This blog I decided to end beginning of this year. I know there are readers here reading this blog, that continue to follow me from there. Thank you to you and my new followers.
This blog started this year, in February and in between these two blogs I have had two blogs written from a cat point of view. One that is currently still going as I write this.

People blog for different and the types of blogs vary. Todays post is asking you, my readers, do you blog? It doesn’t matter what style of blog you have, if you blog, then share the following about yourself in this post:

  • Name:
  • Blog:
  • Why:
  • Where:


Ok. I will start first.


Name: Liz

Blog: My Wellbeing and Learning Journey

Why: At times, this blog is a therapeutic for me, in which what I write helps me get my head around things. At the same time I hope it helps others, if they are going through something similar.

I also share about healthy eating that has worked for me, book reviews and positive quotes and inspirations.

This blog also is followed by friends, so they can see what it is going on in my life when it comes to the above and my learning journey.

Where: I blog from my desk, in the corner of my dining room.


Ok. So now it is your turn. Do you blog?

If so, then answer the above in a comment about you. I look forward to seeing and learning more about you.

One thought on “Do you blog?

  1. Name: Sarah
    Blog: [title kept private]
    Why: I write for myself to keep track of what I am learning on a daily basis. It's my online journal. Some trusted friends and family follow along to know what I'm up to.
    Where: Wherever my muse strikes.


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