Some of my posts will come with a ‘Content Warning,’ at the start of the post.

I have decided today, that some of my posts will come with a ‘Content Warning.’

At times when I write some posts, they will be therapeutic for me, but they may be distressing for the reader. While debating whether to add a ‘Content Warning’ at the start of some of my posts, I googled the topic. This topic seems to be of a debate whether to add these type of warnings, or not and the words to use for it.

From googling, I have come to the decision I will add a ‘Content Warning,’ at the start of my posts where appropriate. Warning the reader what they contain, they can then prepare to choose to continue reading, or not.
Using a ‘Content Warning’ label also covers everyone, rather than using the word ‘Trigger Warning,’ as using this word seems to narrow it down to certain groups of people when content can upset anyone.

What I have currently written here, there have not been many posts to add the ‘Content Warning,’ so it has been quick to edit accordingly. But there may be posts I write later, that may need to contain these warnings.

All I ask of my readers, is to respect this decision I have made. You may feel it does not upset you in anyway what you have read, but for someone else, it can be completely different. Everyone is different, but I feel it is my duty to do this, knowing I have prepared my readers.

Thank you. x