Continuing my learning journey

I learnt not so long back, that I have passed my Foundation Level 1 in Maths. I now await to hear when I can start my next level.

I have also just started another course, after signing up online. This course is a paper based course with the BSY group. I am doing a course in Mental Health to gain some knowledge in this area, should this be an area I decide to shadow next.
I have already shadowed healthcare assistants in a clinic and if I like to shadow further there, then I am most welcome. I liked the half a day I had there and the staff were really helpful. But I need to think about if working on a clinic every day is right for me, than I first thought. So while I continue my next learning journey, I will take the opportunity to shadow where necessary, before making my mind up.


4 thoughts on “Continuing my learning journey

  1. Yes. I think it will be an idea to blog here what I learn. I have to keep a reflective journal while learning. I don't have to, but if I want to, I can submit a summary of my learning journey to my tutor. The first one 6 months after my enrolement and then the next one 12 months after my enrolement.


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