10 things you may not know about me.

  1. I have a dolphin tattoo, on my left arm.
  2. I’m animal mad. (As long as it is has either feather or fur and has 2 or 4 legs.)
  3. I like my own quiet time and I don’t mind taking UK holidays on my own.
  4. I used to write my own personal deaf blog and I once participated in a book, that I am proud of.
  5. I don’t like heights, or escalators. (Especially going down on one.)
  6. I don’t always feel confident, even if I seem it.
  7. I don’t like snakes, but I would touch one if I had the opportunity now and see what happens from there.
  8. I don’t drive and I don’t plan to. (Not that I thought about doing it once.)
  9. I’m not good at public speaking, so you can imagine how nervous I was once, when I had to. This was for my speaking exam when I did my Functional Skills Level 2, in English.
  10. I like having 10 minutes at night, before going to bed sometimes, colouring in one of those adult colouring books.
Would you like to play along? Then leave me 10 things about you here. Or if you have a blog, you can if you want to, write 10 things about you on your own blog, then share link to that post, here. I will then pop on over and take a read.

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