My taste buds changing

When I started reducing my sugar intake last year, I found over the course of 4 weeks, how my taste buds changed. I ended up where I was giving away, or thrown some food away, that I could no longer stand to eat, because it tasted too sweet. I was really surprised by how much my taste buds had changed.

I asked a weight loss group I am in on Facebook, to see if anyone else experienced this great change with their taste buds and I found I was not alone. I knew it was nothing serious as someone raised, after chatting to the doctor about this and he said it can happen. All for the better he added, what I was doing.

These were just some of the things I had found too sweet, compared to what I used to have before:

  • jam
  • Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate
  • apple sauce
  • some sweet desserts
  • supermarket’s own french toast (don’t know if there may be less sugar in other brands as I rarely eat it)
  • sugar-coated jellies (these are just yuk to me now and make me feel sick, after just having one!)
  • a branded cereal, that had a couple of new ones out, that I wanted to try as a one-off.

Finding this change in me, is all good in the long run and it will certainly make things easier.

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