What I love about me

A post that I have read recently on “Mental Ellness,” by Eleanor, has gave me something to think about recently. The post is called “Love Yourself.” I thought I’d write a post about what I love about me. I must say this post has not been an easy one for me to write, but I thought it was time I challenge myself here again.
If I ever start to feel really low and very critic of myself, then I can take a look at this post, as well as Eleanor’s post as a reminder to love myself. So here it goes…

1. I love my helpful nature
Although I have had things thrown back into my face and I have always sworn blind I will never help again, I still can’t help to be helpful. I like to be helpful. It’s in my nature.

2. I love my body
I am once again a size 12,  with the healthy eating I now do. Before, I used to be a size 14 and from late teens to most of my adult life, with exception of early 20’s when I was a size 12 then.
I hope that with my continued healthy eating, I continue to stay at size 12, as this is when I feel most comfortable with my body. But I know I can and I have slipped with my food habits. (Emotional eating. But I will cover this in a later post.) But with the unexpected of being able to come off my blood pressure medication last year in April, this will be my motivation.

I also like my eyes and when I do wear mascara and eye liner, I like them even more, as I think mascara and eye liner shows them off more.

3. I love my determination
Now matter how I feel, or I am made to feel (in a negative way,) I still stay determined. Even when I feel Like I am giving up, I don’t seem to take long before my determination shows up again.

4. I love that I can have a laugh
When the opportunity takes me, I love to laugh with friends. When I am on my own, I like to watch DVD’s that make me laugh. I recently bought The Catherine Tate Show DVD box set, so there are plenty of laughs to come while watching them.
I also like watching Lee Evans. I think he is great and I cannot help but laugh at him.

5. I love that I am a hard-worker
Where ever I have worked, I like to give 100%. When I feel a valued member of a team, I naturally give more. Especially when I love what I do.

6. I love my independence
I can happily live on my own and I am comfortable with this. I am strong natured in this as well.

Have a go yourself. What do you love, about you? 

If you have a blog, create a post about what you love about you there and you are welcome to share your blog link to that post here. I will pop on over and take a read.

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