The big 4-0

The big 4-0, (as they say,) is not far away for me. I will be 40 on 18th May. But what am I supposed to feel? Should I be feeling anything?

Over the years, I have always seen people dreading their big 4-0. My last boyfriend, I remember he dreaded his 40 coming round. I just laughed and gave him some positivity that you are old as you feel. He definitely did not feel 40. I always wondered when it came to my 40, would I feel dread like they all did?
I have also read how people dread there big 4-0. But also, I have read that life begins at 40!

Well it’s my turn and I don’t feel anything for turning 40 soon. Should I be feeling something?

I don’t feel dread that is for sure, but I’m not sure what I feel really, other than there is no negativity about it for me and I don’t feel 40.

I did not have any plans for my 40th, but a friend at work wanted to treat me to lunch out, (the weekend before my birthday,) where ever I’d like to go. I have picked my usual tearoom we both like to go to. The day before my birthday, I will be going somewhere in Derbyshire, with a friend.
On my birthday, I will see if my Mum wants to have a meal at the same tearoom and then come back to mine.

When you hit 40, did you start to feel dread, or did you look at it positively? Or are you to hit 40 yourself, soon? How do you feel?