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The Positive Jar was something I originally came across at Help Reduce Suicide, Depression and Stress Related Illnesses. (Facebook page.) This was just over 2 years ago when I first started doing it, but the only difference is, I now write it in a journal.

The idea of the Positive Jar:

Every time when something good happens to you. (It doesn’t matter if it is just a little thing that makes you happy.) Write it down on a little piece of paper why you are happy. Fold the paper and place it inside the jar. On the last day of the year, see how many little presents life gave you.

From mentioning about the Positive Jar originally on my deaf blog I used to write and mentioning in a later post there of how I turned mine into a journal, it sparked fresh interest. Some I found who were reading my blog were either doing this already, or planning on to. If you are contemplating on doing this, after reading this blog post, I say, go for it!

It is easy to focus so much on negativity, that anything positive, we tend to forget. This can make it even harder if you are feeling low or depressed. Writing a journal of the things that feel positive to you, is a reminder of the good things.

For anyone struggling with their ‘Positive Jar/Journal,’ please carry on reading this post from some tips:

Remember! This is your own personal journal of positivity. So there is no right, or wrong way to do this.

  • Write it how you want, as long as it is positive writing.
  • Write, or draw what is positive for you.
  • You don’t need to write every day. (Unless you want to.) Two or three times a week is enough.
  • Start with the date, so when you look back at all your positivity stuff, you will know when it happened.

I will share later, in another post of some positive things I wrote in my journal, from 2014. Then another post, for some in 2015/2016.

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