A special part of the day

As you know from my recent blog posts, I recently visited Windsor and Kew Gardens. For anyone that has seen Kew Gardens, you will know there is a lot of area to cover. I did not get to see all of Kew Gardens, so I would say that I will definitely have to have another trip there, or a holiday.

My special part of the day was at Kew Gardens, when I sat down for 10 minutes to just take in what I was seeing and enjoying being in this part of the garden, on my own. I enjoyed the quietness.


I had not long sat there, when I seen movement underneath my bench. It was a robin. The robin quickly flew from under the bench, but it wasn’t long before it was back and joined me. I felt so honoured by the robin’s visit and managing to take a photo of my new friend.     We were both watching each other intently, before the robin flew away. I certainly cherished this moment.


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