High merit for my first piece of work

I recently received feedback on my Level 1 paper of the Mental Health course I am doing, with the BSY Group and I received a High Merit for this piece of work.

Although I have some background knowledge in mental health and so this would have helped me to finish this paper, there were a couple of questions I researched further to check I really understood what I was being asked. But I still wondered if I had them right. Knowing I was ok with these questions in the end and my unexpected mark received for this first paper, it has gave me huge confidence to carry on doing the best I can. I don’t usually do so well at the beginning of any course, so it has been a lovely surprise. I would like to keep aiming at this level or higher.

Assignments are marked with either Distinction, High Merit, Merit, Pass or Resubmission. I have eight assignments in this course to complete and I am looking forward to learning more.
This first piece assignment I also learnt a little about myself, as I learnt about ‘displaced aggression.’
‘Displaced aggression’ is when someone feels pent-up anger and frustration. They will easily shout at someone close to them, even though they won’t be the cause of the displaced aggression. The person with the displaced aggression does not know where originally their anger stemmed from. This was something I had a few years back myself, although no one else told me this, as I was told originally there is always a reason mostly to the cause of the anger, which some of mine, there was not always a reason.

Although I have experience in mental health on a personal level, there is always something more to  learn, which was why I chose to do this course.

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