Some positive inspirations for your ‘Positive Jar/Journal.’ (Part 1 of 2.)

Here is what I have written in my ‘Positive Journal.’ These are from 2014. I will give examples from 2015/2016, in another post.
I hope this post gives you an idea for yours.

January time 2014 – Knowing Miley’s operation on her anal glands, was a success.

4th January 2014 – Giving a cross-stitch to someone I knew. Who would appreciate and finish it off.

8th January 2014 – Receiving a small cross-stitch. In return for giving mine.

14th January 2014 – My own copy of the book I wrote for, with other deaf/hoh people that also joined in with. A Students Guide to the Deaf Experience, by Michelle Jay. – Feel good. 🙂

12th May 2014 – Moving into my new home.

24th May 2014 – Enjoying a laughable conversation with a friend via Facebook, when talking about my feet.

14th June 2014 – Finally allowing myself to feel happy and my achievement in the display I did for Ashfield Play Forum. A display for showing Ellison templates that are available.

19th June 2014 – Doing my 20 minute presentation in English Level 2.

3rd July 2014 – Learnt I had passed English Level 2 exam.

25th July 2014 – Happy to be cooking in my kitchen, since having it how I want.

4th August 2014 – Laughing at Miley this morning. (My cat.) Running, jumping, playing and being fussy. 🙂

7th February 2015 – I drawn a butterfly.

9th February 2015 – I did a bit of doodling again. Wrote ‘Love’ in bold red letters. Underneath I wrote:

  • For the friends I have made online and offline.
  • For the health of my friends and family.
  • For great conversation on Facebook.
  • For confidence I have gained and doing things I would not have tried before.
  • That Miley (cat) has gave and I know I will receive lots more.

10th February 2015 – Received a newspaper cutting from my Mum, that made me laugh.

I hope some of what I have shared from my ‘Positive Journal’ has helped to give you ideas. As you can see from some of what I shared, there are some things that cost nothing, that felt positive to me.

Now see what you can create and discover, with your ‘Positive Jar/Journal.’

Best wishes. x

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