Some positive inspirations for your ‘Positive Jar/Journal.’ (Part 2 of 2.)

Here is some more that I have written in my ‘Positive Journal.’ These are from 2015/2016.
I hope this post gives you an idea for yours.

25th December 2015 – Enjoying Christmas with Mum and cooking dinner.
Receiving cat socks and a cat shaped chocolate. (Made me smile.)

28th December 2015 – Feeling good about my decision to quit writing on my deaf blog.
Enjoying, just chilling.

7th January 2016 – Enjoying emails from a friend and replying back.

8th January 2016 – Enjoying company of friends and her family. Enjoying catching up.

13th January 2016 – Enjoyed a FB chat with a friend.
Being silly with my Photo Booth on my Mac computer.

29th January 2016 – Enjoyed lunch with a friend.

You will see here, just like Part 1, that some things that were a positive feeling to me, cost nothing.

Enjoy creating yours and I hope these posts have helped and inspired you.

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