Certain priorities have changed in my life recently. One is owning less, which for those that know me well, will say I do already. Yes, I certainly agree, I do own less now than I did before, especially after I cleared out a lot of stuff a few years back. (God, that felt good.)

But recently I had a bit more of a clear out. Not much, just a carrier bag to donate to charity, getting rid of some paperwork and selling my Nikon D3200 camera and accessories with it.

I always wanted a Nikon camera and I bought the Nikon D3200 back in 2012. I have taken some lovely photos with this camera and I loved using it. But since I have owned this camera, my priorities have changed. In the past year I have not used this camera since owing a compact zoom camera. I only used the Nikon camera to take a photo at time of putting this up for sale, so I knew what the image count was, after someone queried.

When I first had the Nikon, although on an amateur level, I wanted to get serious with it for myself, but what I learnt in regards to some of the technical basics, I soon forgotten later down the line, for not keeping up the practice was some of it. Although I could easily look it up and practice, my priorities have changed and I love my new Sony compact camera. I am happy to own less, when it comes to owning a camera, so whoever buys the Nikon, with the accessories, it will a suit beginner, or for someone who wants to own an extra camera.

Deciding to sell my Nikon D3200 has not been a decision I have made lightly. I have been deciding the past 6 months on whether this would be the right decision for me now and I feel strongly that it is.

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4 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Hi Liz,
    Here’s a quote from Louise Hay that I think is relevant: “Everything changes, and what was perfect for you once, may not be anymore… to keep changing and growing, you keep going within and listening for that which is right for you in the here and now.”
    All the best,

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  2. Thank you for that Sarah. I will write this in my positive affirmations book. This quote certainly fits this post too. 🙂 x


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