I write because…

This blog has only been going since February. Can you believe it? I can’t, because of how far I feel I have come on my personal journey. I thought I’d remind why I write this blog, as there are lots of new followers here.

I decided to write this blog, to share some personal wellbeing and learning journeys. Hence the name of this blog.

At times, some of what I have written have been therapeutic for me, as some of my past has been distressing for me. It may also be distressing for some people who read them, so these posts have a “Content Warning,” at the beginning of the post.
By writing my blog I hoped that these posts I shared helped in some way, if you have experienced something similar, as well as helping myself, by getting them off my chest.

Friends have been able to follow my wellbeing and learning journey, by reading this blog, when we are not near. I also have friends that are not local, so as well as emails and Facebook where I keep in touch with them, this blog helps too and now I have a steady flow of new followers since migrating this blog from Blogger to WordPress.

My journey still continues and I will continue to write. With my journey getting to a better stage in my life, my posts will reflect this. There still can be bad times, but these are not as bad as I once had.

By writing this blog, as well as the above I mentioned in how this blog has helped me, it has also helped to relieve shame I once felt. Yes, I did feel like this and I should not have felt like this, I know. Those that have been in similar shoes to me will understand how this comes about.
I have learnt that what has happened in my childhood, that I was either made to feel ashamed of, or that I felt ashamed of, was not my fault and I should not have felt like this. This unnecessary burden I had, has now been released.

I would like to thank all my readers and followers, for following my journey and I hope you enjoy further posts to come, while I continue to write here. 🙂




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