Book review: ‘The Official Body Control Pilates Manual.’

cover of The Official Body Control Pilates Manual.


This book is for everyone, whether you are complete beginner to Pilates, or experienced. This is a well informed book of 271 pages, separated into beginners, intermediate and advanced. As I have been doing Pilates over a year myself, I recognise a lot of moves in this book.

The book starts of with an introduction to Pilates and other information about it, before you begin. All the Pilates moves have clear colour photographs, so you can see how your posture and how your body should be.
Although this book will be good to have before you start Pilates class. Going to a Pilates class will benefit you also, to make sure you are doing the moves correctly.
This book will last you many years to come and a good addition to the bookshelf.
Its available at, but I was lucky to find this book second hand at a local café bookstore, one time. So it was a bargain for me.

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