My space to write

This is my space, where I mainly write up my blog posts.


I will only write a blog post when on my own, so that I have no distractions. When I am at this desk, I will use my keyboard attached to the laptop, as using this keyboard is more comfortable for me, along with my Fellows i-Spire Laptop Lap Desk, which gives me the necessary height to not creek my neck. I also like to use my Kensington Orbit Trackball than a standard mouse, as this is better for my hand and wrist.

Occasionally, away from my computer, something may come into my head that I feel I need to write down.
Choosing where to sit, depends on how much I plan to write. This can be at my dining table if it is quite long, to just picking up a note pad and writing a very short note while on my settee, or while out and about.


7 thoughts on “My space to write

    1. It’s possible for me. I can’t concentrate unless it is quiet. Occasionally I may have music on in the background, but it is rare that I choose to do that. 🙂

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  1. An interesting spot to write from. Although I have not written myself near a train line, who knows what could come into my head. But writing something up, quietness what seems to help me. I hope the weather is nice, as that would certainly help too in writing. 🙂


  2. Sounds very well organised Liz- will note what you use on your desk for future ref- I don’t have space for a desk currently.


    1. I have had this desk for a few years now, but when it came to looking for that right desk, it took some time doing because of space. (I did not want a big desk.) I also wanted space to stretch my feet, so my printer is on a table at the side. The only difference now since this post, is that I moved my desk upstairs now and at times it is a little cluttered, but I try not to get it staying cluttered. 🙂


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