Our first virtual coffee date

You will see some of my posts are tagged everydayinspirations. This is a free ‘Finding Everyday Inspiration’ course by WordPress.com. it’s a 20 day course, which once signed up, for the next 20 days you receive inspirational posts. I have done most of them, but there are a few I don’t want to do, or did not inspire me. But this one, I have never thought of doing and it was a lovely idea; creating a virtual coffee date post. So I although I will start todays virtual coffee date in this post, I thought, would you, my readers like this to happen say once every month, or two months?

Lets see how todays go and you tell me a bit about your day.

So, if we were having coffee today, I would tell you how much I enjoyed some different days with friends, leading up to my birthday. A week ago, on a Saturday, I had lunch at The Cottage, near where outdoor market used to be. (Now a car park.) I had a lovely early birthday lunch there, with a friend. Her treat.

If were having coffee today, I would also tell you how I had a lovely day with a friend at Bakewell, the day before my birthday. I treated myself to some natural products; handmade soap, moisturising balm and a bracelet, from a shop while there. We also called in at a garden shop in Matlock along the way for coffee. Then on the way back we visited Cromford for cake and tea. The weather was lovely.
On my birthday, I had the day with my Mum. We put a spread on for ourselves and had a relaxing day. We had sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, cheese and onion quiche and not forgetting the cake. 🙂

If were having coffee together, I’d tell you about my trip to York to see a friend, yesterday. But unfortunately, I have to put a complaint in with the coach company for the first time. What I was told and what happened were two different things.

  1. First issue was when got on the coach, I found mine and the seat next to me had food bits on it. I had to brush it off, before I could sit down. This is not like them.
  2. They did not park where I was originally told in an email. So my preparation to get myself where I needed to be went to waste. I had no clue where I was going and so I was getting anxiety. My friend had to text me my way there, once she knew where I was. What a team we were. I was hot and bothered when I arrived. I had the taxi back though, when it was time to go.
  3. Originally, on my ticket, it said we would depart from York at 5pm. The coach driver told us all to be back for 4.30pm.

I would have loved to have spent time with my friend that bit longer, as I originally expected.

I received a lovely gift from my friend too, which I will treasure. A bowl, that she made herself, with our favourite colours; blue and purple.

If we were having coffee today, I would also be telling you how I decided to put myself back on my preventer inhaler. I have been having an irritable cough at times with the high pollen count, but luckily no asthma attack. But I thought with what I was aware of, I’d get back on it, at a low dose and see how I go.
I think it has been over a year or more from last using my brown inhaler, after following a nurses advice, which then another nurse questioned recently why I had stop taking it. I was following advice, but one nurses advice seems to conflict the other. So what am I supposed to do?

Last year, I practically had no symptoms of hay fever and I know this is why I felt fine and did not need my blue inhaler. But this year, although I have not used it, I did expect myself using it because of the warning signs I felt. So putting myself back on the preventer, I hope stops all this, at a low dose.

If we were having coffee today, I would be telling you that as much as I would have liked a lazy day today, but I will have to do my usual studying in the afternoon.

Today, if we were having coffee together, I’d be telling you how I am handing in my volunteer badge at the hospice shop, tomorrow. I’m handing it in with me starting volunteering at Rosewood. I did not want to be stretching myself here and, there and burning myself out. I have done that once before and well aware not to do that again.

I hope you enjoyed our virtual coffee chat. Don’t forget to join in yourself at the end and tell me your day. It does not have to be long as mine and do let me know what you think about doing  a virtual coffee chat here. 🙂


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    1. Yes, I enjoyed this and reading others too and it certainly gives it more of a personal, relaxed feel. When it becomes possibly a regular monthly thing, I will call mine virtual coffee chat. 🙂


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