Letter to my anxiety

Dear Anxiety

When you are at your worst, you fight with my self-esteem and I really hate you for that. But when you are at your best, I think one day you may just disappear and that would be the end of you.

I realise now, as much as I would like you to go, you will always be lurking around somewhere, creeping up when I at least expect it.
I have learnt I will have accept you, but I won’t let you control me, I shall be controlling you. Or at least I would like to think that, but I know that won’t be the case for me, instead I just have to go with the flow and try to do my best each day.
Doing my best, is my way of telling you I won’t be beaten. This letter is to let you know how I feel about you and also to let you know how much I hate you.

My last wish is if you would be considerate to my feelings and please let me go. I would appreciate it.

Yours sincerely



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