Embracing my inner child

Reading ‘Heart Thoughts, A Treasury of Inner Wisdom,’ by Louise L. Hay, I came across this quote that made me pause and reflect.

“Each one of us is always working with the three-year old child within us. Most of us, unfortunately, spend our time yelling at that child and then wondering why our lives don’t work.”

As well as this quote that made me pause, it was also some further writing on the opposite page, that goes onto taking care of your inner child.

It made me pause and reflect because through from my child years to early adult life, everything I felt, felt like it was that inner child in me. As an adult, the way I am in with regards to my low self-esteem, low confidence and generally the way I felt, felt like that inner child. The child that was not allowed to grow.
Those that are new to my blog, if they read my blog posts from the beginning, will understand afterwards, that the difficulties I had in my childhood, through to adult life, is it it any wonder. But now as you know, if you have followed most of my posts, I am getting there and I am in a much better place now than I have ever been.
But seeing this quote and reading further on the opposite page, it reminded me to make sure I continue to look after my inner child. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies and easily put ourselves down, which is something I did a lot of, but for sometime now, I  have got better with this.

Look after your inner child.
Look after yourself.



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