Don’t rush

Don’t rush is my phrase I use to myself, most of the time. I learnt in my 20’s that it is no good from rushing, after I burnt out one time from doing too much. But yesterday, my phrase went out of the window. My fault, as I chose to not set my alarm as I was thinking I’d get up when I get up.
I have not being sleeping good at times and because of it, I was feeling very tired. The not sleeping properly has been partly myself, for staying up much later than I normally would, so knocking my sleeping patterns. The weather has also been humid and so this has not helped.

Getting up much later yesterday morning, meant that things I was planning to do were delayed getting done. So I started rushing.

When it came to preparing my lunch, which was a simple job to do went wrong, while doing other jobs, meant a delay having my lunch. This was simply because I did not turn the oven on. I was surprised and laughed at myself, (after ticking myself off first,) by my simple mistake and not realising that the oven wasn’t warm when putting in my meal. After the oven had warmed and it was in the oven, I went to the shop for bits and bobs I needed. I panicked a little, as I thought I may be holding up the next person behind me. He reminded me when he said, “Not to rush, it is not worth rushing.”

Rushing can cause mistakes as a simple mistake I made. But in the end, what I was most concerned about not getting time to do, I did. So this was a simple case of panicking over nothing and also a reminder that regardless how tired I am, set the alarm.

8 thoughts on “Don’t rush

    1. Yes, it is certainly a reminder for us all and yes lots of people seem to be in a rush around us. I think you can easily get caught to do the same, when watching how many do it too.


  1. Great reminder to slow down! I wake up at about the same time every morning (without an alarm) but if an email or phone call gets my attention before I’ve had my coffee, I end up feeling like my whole day is off track. When I start feeling that way, I try to remind myself to just breathe and start again. What isn’t important enough to have gotten done today, can obviously just wait until tomorrow 🙂

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    1. I used to check my emails one time in a morning, before I had my breakfast and I’d feel sometimes that rest of my day was off track. But I learnt later to prioritise. The email will be read, but not until breakfast first, to start rest of the day off better.


  2. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately as well. With so many things going on, it’s hard to keep my mind from racing when I’m finally in bed. I need to start telling myself that life isn’t meant to rushed through and it’s ok to slow down! Thanks for this!

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