Virtual coffee – June

If we were having coffee right now, which today I would be choosing a cold drink, so mine would be a strawberry milkshake and we would be sitting at a cafe in the park. I’d be mentioning how I have decided to change the #virtualcoffeedate tag to #virtualcoffee. (You have probably noticed this change already.)

If we were having coffee right now, since our first Virtual coffee, I would be asking how you are and what you have been doing recently?

Since our first virtual coffee, the everyday inspirations has finished that I joined along with, which was where this virtual coffee date idea came from. I had a go with most of these posts, but there were a few I couldn’t. I totally recommend it though, as it gives you fresh ideas and new challenges.

I would also be mentioning since our last coffee, how I have heard from the coach company in response to my complaint. They apologised for the untidiness where I sat and it turned out where I was dropped off, which was different to where I was originally told, the driver should not have dropped us off there. I have been reassured that when I go again in August, that we will be dropped off at St. Georges car par, as it should have been last time. So I do hope this happens.
As for the driver coming back half an hour earlier than time stated on slip, it should have been 5pm, but they could not comment on why he chose to come back at time he did, till they had spoken to the driver.

If we were having coffee right now, I would be saying how I wasn’t long here having a coffee with another friend. We sat inside like we are doing now, because of the weather.

If we were having coffee right now,  I would also mention, yesterday I seen a friend in Birmingham. We don’t see each other often, so when we do, it is always a big catch up.

If we were having coffee right now, I would be telling you that I am still enjoying my time volunteering at Rosewood. It feels right for me and I feel I have made my mind up in the direction I want to go career wise, with how I feel. But I will tell you more later down the line, as I just want to enjoy the experience and keep gaining the experience.

I do hope you have enjoyed our virtual coffee again. Please feel free to join in and I hope you can make our next virtual coffee in July. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Virtual coffee – June

  1. Sounds like the coffee date would be full this time! I, too, recently saw a friend I had not seen in years. Is t it wonderful when we can catch up! Also, anytime finds a calling it’s a great thing! Till the next virtual coffee date!

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  2. It certainly is wonderful catching up with a friend you don’t see often.

    When I was chatting with my friend the last time I seen her, it has not been quite a year. Although we are not far away on Facebook, Facebook is not the same as a face-to-face chat. It was a lovely day and the rain held off too. So that was good.

    It was coffee, cake and later a sandwich, with looking around shops in between. I came back with a pair of trainers. (Same as my friends.) And also, some nice writing paper.

    My next virtual chat will be sometime in July, so hope you can make that one too. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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