I last talked about my sanctuary when I used to be a deaf blogger. My sanctuary then was my garden when I lived at a previous address. I absolutely loved that garden and I miss it to this day, along with the neighbours. But I don’t miss the house itself.

The garden was a blank canvas when I first moved in. Just a lawn which was in a poor state. Any old followers of my deaf blog that are now following me here, will know the transformation that garden had, was turned into a lovely relaxing place to retreat in. The patio was the first to go down, then the lawn was all dug up and new turf laid and cut so that it was a large circle of grass. Around the grass was just a mixture of flowers, with a few shrubs.
When a new fence was put up to give more privacy, the garden had a slight landscaped feel as a step down was created to a gate at the bottom of my garden. I wonder if this garden has been tendered and loved, as I gave it.

Now where I live, I have mainly a concrete yard. There is a grass area, but only enough for two people to sit on. I have lived here for over two years and I love my house as it feels so cosy, especially in winter and the house is smaller to my previous, which is just the right size for me.

My sanctuary is inside my home, rather than my garden where I now live, as my garden does not feel private. I have thought about a new fence, but I am holding myself back from doing it because I rent privately and I would be adding value on the property by doing this. I don’t want to put money outside like I once did at my previous place, when sometime down the line I could be living somewhere else.

Having my home to myself and doing what I want inside, is my sanctuary. I like to relax with music, or the tv and sometimes a book or magazine, when I am not studying or on the internet. My cat, Miley is not far away from me, where ever I may be around the home.

My home is my sanctuary, to switch off and refresh for another day.

Places I have found outside my home that are relaxing and my next sanctuary are places like Kew Gardens and the gardens at Blenheim Palace. But these are too far away for me to visit when I like. Although I do have local parks which I enjoy to walk through now and again, it’s not the same.

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