5 Tips to support someone

These are some top tips that Heads Together campaign put together, to help us, after visiting a helpline service run by Young Minds.

Young Minds offers support and advice to any adult worried about the emotional behaviour, or mental health of a child or young adult up to the age of 25.

By clicking on Heads Together link above, you will be able to download your copy and share with others and also read about The Duke and Duchess visit to Young Minds helpline.


Stepping out of my comfort zone

After reading Katie’s post, “WARNING: You are about to leave your comfort zone,” it reminded me of my own stepping out of the comfort zone challenge I want to do next. The challenge being heights which I first mentioned about on my old blog I used to write. Although I have not mentioned about this much since, I have not forgotten about it. I am just waiting for the right time when either on a day out, or a holiday, to come across one.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is good for you as Katie has expressed in her above post and I have expressed this in my old blog too.

Past stepping out of my comfort zones have been volunteering at Ashfield Play Forum, (which I still do on Monday’s) and going back to school.
I also shadowed physiotherapy assistants a few occasions, which gave me the “can-do” attitude. After I did this, the plan was to shadow later elsewhere in the hospital, which I did and I shadowed a healthcare assistant for the day on a clinic.
Now I hope to gain skills and experiences for my CV by volunteering at Rosewood, which I can use when applying for jobs as a mental healthcare assistant. Being a mental healthcare assistant, is the career path I would like to take.

Raising self-esteem

Having low self-esteem can lead to depression and anxiety and it can also lead to unhealthy habits, like drinking too much.

I have talked about how volunteering has raised my self-esteem and I can across this post; “Raising low self-esteem,” on NHS Choices.

I also read this post back in April; “Overcoming Low Self-Esteem,” by Mending and Thriving.

I hope that these three posts and any further reading you do, will help in raising your self-esteem.

Virtual Coffee – late August

If we were having coffee I would first be talking about my surgery. As you know from my post; “The Unknown,” I was having surgery on my tooth. Time will tell if in 6 months when they do an x-ray if it has worked.

On the day of my surgery, I was prepared as I could ever be and I was relaxed with just a slight nervousness. Being relaxed stopped, after having the injections to numb the area. Injections are always the worst part for me. I was shaking after they had finished doing  this part, as I had more injections for this than root canal.

I tried to relax as the surgery started, but I could not, as I was concerned my body would shake if I did, as I did feel the tremors when I tried to relax my shoulders.
I was aware the surgery did not hurt and I kept telling myself that, trying to get myself to relax, but the pressure at times I was feeling prevented me. I am not saying the pressure was bad, it just made it hard for me to relax.

The surgeon and assistant were very good, in making sure I was ok and I was able to laugh with the assistant after it all finished. (Well, laugh the best I could with the numbness I had.)

I left, after being given instructions on after care and what to do next, which was to go back to my own dentist and arrange a follow-up appointment with them two weeks later, so they could see how it all was. I could not have hot drinks for a few days, which I chose to avoid all hot drinks during this time. I had to make up a warm salt wash solution, which was a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. I had to do this 5 times a day, for 7 days.

When the numbness wore off, I wasn’t in any pain, but the swelling made it look worse than what it was. I had to rest, which my surgeon said it could take 7 days to recover before I feel fit for work, or it could be 3 days. Luckily I was on annual leave from work, so I did not have to worry about someone phoning work on my behalf, to phone me in sick. I would not have been in work all week, as I felt washed out for most of it.

When the swelling started going down, that was when I felt I needed to take some paracetamol to ease off any discomfort I had, as some of the swelling caused a bit of numbness too. This was when the bruising started to show visually on my face too. (Old looking bruising at this point.)

If we were having coffee, I would be saying because I of this known surgery that was to happen, I did not get to visit some places I would have liked, so I will have to plan some of these another time. But at the end of the week, because of somewhere I was hoping to go was cancelled, I did an alternative trip that was not too far to travel while recovering. I went to look round Edwinstowe with a friend who lives that way, calling in at the Art and Craft Centre while in the area.

If we were having coffee, I would also be saying to you that I have been hiding a little secret, (unless you are one who I shared this secret with already.) I have been learning to play the guitar. I have an acoustic guitar and I kept it secret because i did not know if I would take to playing it or not. But I have taken an interest to playing it. I play just for my own pleasure and for relaxation. I self-taught to start with, then I had a few lessons with a tutor to make sure I wasn’t forming any bad habits. These lessons though, never felt right and after a third of a fourth lesson I paid in advance, I could not wait to leave. I did not go back for my fourth.

Although I have had a couple of weeks not playing, I do hope I will get back to it. The last lesson did not destroy my love for it, but whether underneath it did knock my confidence for not playing, I don’t know. I was on it every day mostly, till then.

I feel, when I learn some things, it takes longer for me, but if I keep practising, I know I will get there and if anyone who teaches me realises I take longer learning and be patient with me, then we will make a good team.
I have had someone who has given me some good tips where I volunteer at Rosewood and he felt with what I had told him, that I knew enough without going for private lessons and just to do it my way. That’s what I will be doing.

Be nice to yourself

Are you a person that has, or is being hard of themselves. I expect most reading this will have been. (Including myself. But I am getting better at it.)

At the early stages of writing this blog and at a time where I was going through a difficult time, I came across a post of “10 ways to be nice to yourself.” I have been meaning to share this for sometime and I have only just got round to doing so. So here it is: “10 ways to be nice to yourself.” The link will take you to another website, where you can read it. I hope you find this useful as I did. 🙂