The unknown

Tomorrow, I will be stepping into the unknown when I see the Specialist Oral Surgeon as I don’t know if something will be done there and then.

Originally, it was said that this would be a consultation, explaining what will happen. But when I received the letter of confirmation, it mentioned in my letter that sometimes on offer of treatment can be provided in that visit, along with a leaflet; “Pre-Operative Instructions for Extractions Under Local Anaesthetic.”

Those that have known me personally will know of past issues with battling my tooth abscess. This same tooth is the one showing infection at the root of the tooth after having root canal on this one and another tooth next to it. At the moment, as this post goes to air, I am in no pain. I feel there is something going on with my tooth, but not to like make me feel ill, or disrupt my daily life.


I am not good when it comes to seeing dentists, but in the last couple of years, I have been much better than I have ever been. (Childhood experience did not help my fears.)
After facing root canal and realised there was nothing to it, I went past that fear along with facing the fear of an extraction while awake some years before that, on another tooth. So if I had to face anything like this again, I’d be fine.

I have also been lanced when the tooth abscess got really bad while waiting for treatment, so another fear passed, after having no choice to face it head on. I was that ill, I just couldn’t care about the lancing and just wanted relief. I felt so great after.

When I see the specialist surgeon, I am expecting to have my gum cut so they can get rid of the infection at the root of the tooth. This is what my dentist said would be done, but this would be explained at my consultation. Once again, after what I have been through so far, I am not worried about this.

What I am worried about, is what the surgeon may find. Could it be worser than what the x-ray shows? I am worried about losing my tooth, as it is near the front. This was why I faced root canal head on for the first time, so I wouldn’t lose my tooth. This is my only concern, as I know there could be a possibility. Hopefully, it is a low possibility.

4 thoughts on “The unknown

  1. Today was just a consultation and I was given different options to go for and basically the pros and cons of each.
    I went with what I was originally told may happen by my dentist who referred me, which was a cut to my gum to gain access at the root of my tooth. This is called an Apicectomy and so as I was expecting this at my appointment and built myself up for it, I am still sticking with this option.
    I go for this dental surgery on 22nd August.


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