Book review: “How 2 become Nail Technician,” by Philippa Oakley

I bought this book, ‘How 2 become Nail Technician,’ by Philippa Oakley, from Amazon 3 years ago, so I could know more about a Nail technicians role. I didn’t know if this was the route I was going to take at that time. But as I was enjoying my nail art course I was doing, this book was very useful to learn more about this role. I decided in the end, that being a nail technician wasn’t for me and I gave this book away.

The 108 pages book is not quite A5 size and fits fits perfect in the handbag, so it is easy to take with you anywhere. It has everything to know about how to become a Nail Technician. Buying this book as answered lots of questions I had when looking into this role.

The chapters cover the following:

Chapter 1 – What is a nail technician?
Chapter 2 – Types of treatments offered by a nail technician.
Chapter 3 – What does it take to be a successful nail technician?
Chapter 4 – How to get the qualifications you need.
Chapter 5 – Careers as a nail technician.
Chapter 6 – What services should you offer if setting up your own?
Chapter 7 – Setting up a home or your mobile nail technician business.
Chapter 8 – Financial awareness and guidance.
Chapter 9 – How to attract clients.
Chapter 10 – Marketing your business.
Chapter 11 – Customer care.
Chapter 12 – Gaining great feedback.
Chapter 13 – Expanding into other areas.
Chapter 14 – Useful resources for the nail technician.

For anyone thinking, or are going into this type of career, I would certainly recommend this book. This is a book that you can always use to refer back to, even when you are a qualified nail technician.