What does recovery look like?

Recovery is different for everyone. We are all unique and we have, or find our own ways to recover from mental health issues, which is an ongoing process.

For me, it was counselling with help of antidepressants and this blog also helped too and continues to do so.

Recently, I came across this blog, which I now follow: https://sarahreturnstolife.wordpress.com

A recent post she wrote, called “What does recovery look like?” is her own example of recovery. Here she lists some goals. Do take a look:


I have been writing this post for a while now, collecting ideas of what achievements would be proof of my recovery. Recovery means different things to everyone, and I am not saying that these are things people must do. This is just my own personal list of goals!

There are lots of things that I CAN do, but I am also quite limited at the moment. So here is a list of all the things that will signify recovery to me, in no particular order. Let’s hope I can revisit this post in the future and tick a few off!

  1. Get a job This is HUGE! I am so desperate to do something that I would be grateful for a job just about anywhere. Being fit for work is something that a lot of people take for granted, which makes being unemployed even tougher.
  2. Start playing the violin again I…

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5 thoughts on “What does recovery look like?

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Sarah’s words were timely and helpful. Although my situation is different from hers, I may create my own list of life goals. I wish her well with her recovery!

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    1. There are some things I would not be able to told like hold a tarantula, or going down an escalator. The escalator where i faced my fears years ago and I have only managed to go up. Going down is a different matter and no matter how many times I have done it. I am terrified. Probably more terrified because of a couple occasions I nearly fell forward which set me back even more. But the height things, your post reminded me that I have that challenge I would like to do, that is out my comfort zone.
      My new volunteer place I have mentioned about, will still challenge my out of he comfort zone, as I am not doing the position I want to do yet. (Training,etc.. before I can.)

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      1. Take it one step at a time! And accept that there are there are some things you will never do, but you don’t need to do! It’s perfectly acceptable to avoid tarantula interactions…
        Good for you on pushing yourself in your volunteering x

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