Two years not drinking alcohol

It is two years today that I have not drank alcohol.

I gave it up as I found it to not suit me. I would feel low, or depressed an hour after having a glass or two of wine.

Prior to that, I had a time where I did not treat alcohol sensibly at one point, because of a relationship break up of 6 years. With that and how I felt at the time in other areas of my life, the aim was to just get drunk, not drink for pleasure. This last for a few months before I banned it from the house because I could not trust myself. Then later when I could, I drank sensibly until I realised that it wasn’t suiting me no more and I gave it up.

I have not missed it, but during that time I have had the odd times I have fancied a drink. Most for the right reason and a couple for the wrong reasons. But I never gave in to my craving for a drink and I still choose not to drink, as I feel better for doing this in many ways.

It was only just recently with a friend, that I was discussing about how long I have not drank alcohol and I did not realise it was so soon coming around.

Happy 2 years to me.


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4 thoughts on “Two years not drinking alcohol

  1. Happy 2 years to you indeed Liz.

    I like that you did this because you found a motivation “it did not suit you”. I also like that you did not give in to your craving.
    As I woke up this morning and said Right This Is It. I Am Losing this Weight I am inspired by your story. 2 years seems a long time but if you can do that then so can I give up bad eating habits for 2 years as well.

    Thanks for the inspiration Liz xx

    1. Hi Serena and thank you for your comment. Glad to hear that this post has given you some inspiration.
      Yes, you can do it. Rather than think of it as a diet, think of it as healthy eating.

      Best wishes.

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