Slogan t-shirts

Slogan t-shirts seem to have stayed popular here in the UK, over the last few years. I remember in my lifetime when slogan t-shirts first appeared in the 80’s. (Although I never had one myself.)

As an adult, I have never ever considered wearing a slogan t-shirt, even when one time in my mid-twenties one caught my eye. I can’t remember what this t-shirt looked like, or what it said on the front now. But I remember liking the positive quote and the design that was on it at the time. I just did not buy it, because I knew I would not feel confident wearing it.

I never ever thought I would wear a slogan t-shirt. But recently I bought two very different slogan tops. One a t-shirt and one a vest top.
The vest top I had been looking at for a few weeks and the t-shirt I spotted at the time of finally deciding to buying the vest top.

This is my vest top that I admired for a few weeks and finally bought. I felt the words,”Go your own way,” were a positive quote to me.

The t-shirt, when I seen this, I just laughed and I thought I am buying this.


I felt the inner sarcastic person was waiting to come out. The last time I felt like this, but feeling more sarcastic, was back in my early twenties at a low point in my life. I took myself to the shops, just for a walkabout. (I wasn’t planning on buying anything.)
Just when I thought I’d go home, while still in Wilko’s, I went down the aisle displaying mugs. I came across a mug with the words, “What ever.” I laughed when I seen it and I had to buy it. It only cost a pound and I had a few years of enjoyment out of it.
At the time I bought that mug, “What ever,” seemed to be the most popular word coming out of my mouth.

Do you, or have you ever worn slogan tops?


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  1. No I haven’t. But one that makes me laugh because it’s so wrong on many levels: A motorcyclist with these words on the back of his t-shirt
    “If you’re reading this it means the bitch on the back fell off.”

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