Be nice to yourself

Are you a person that has, or is being hard of themselves. I expect most reading this will have been. (Including myself. But I am getting better at it.)

At the early stages of writing this blog and at a time where I was going through a difficult time, I came across a post of “10 ways to be nice to yourself.” I have been meaning to share this for sometime and I have only just got round to doing so. So here it is: “10 ways to be nice to yourself.” The link will take you to another website, where you can read it. I hope you find this useful as I did. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Be nice to yourself

    1. Yes, self-compassion is difficult. I can have trouble with that myself, but it gets a little easier. I don’t think the issue of me being horrible to myself though will totally go away.


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