Virtual Coffee – late August

If we were having coffee I would first be talking about my surgery. As you know from my post; “The Unknown,” I was having surgery on my tooth. Time will tell if in 6 months when they do an x-ray if it has worked.

On the day of my surgery, I was prepared as I could ever be and I was relaxed with just a slight nervousness. Being relaxed stopped, after having the injections to numb the area. Injections are always the worst part for me. I was shaking after they had finished doing  this part, as I had more injections for this than root canal.

I tried to relax as the surgery started, but I could not, as I was concerned my body would shake if I did, as I did feel the tremors when I tried to relax my shoulders.
I was aware the surgery did not hurt and I kept telling myself that, trying to get myself to relax, but the pressure at times I was feeling prevented me. I am not saying the pressure was bad, it just made it hard for me to relax.

The surgeon and assistant were very good, in making sure I was ok and I was able to laugh with the assistant after it all finished. (Well, laugh the best I could with the numbness I had.)

I left, after being given instructions on after care and what to do next, which was to go back to my own dentist and arrange a follow-up appointment with them two weeks later, so they could see how it all was. I could not have hot drinks for a few days, which I chose to avoid all hot drinks during this time. I had to make up a warm salt wash solution, which was a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. I had to do this 5 times a day, for 7 days.

When the numbness wore off, I wasn’t in any pain, but the swelling made it look worse than what it was. I had to rest, which my surgeon said it could take 7 days to recover before I feel fit for work, or it could be 3 days. Luckily I was on annual leave from work, so I did not have to worry about someone phoning work on my behalf, to phone me in sick. I would not have been in work all week, as I felt washed out for most of it.

When the swelling started going down, that was when I felt I needed to take some paracetamol to ease off any discomfort I had, as some of the swelling caused a bit of numbness too. This was when the bruising started to show visually on my face too. (Old looking bruising at this point.)

If we were having coffee, I would be saying because I of this known surgery that was to happen, I did not get to visit some places I would have liked, so I will have to plan some of these another time. But at the end of the week, because of somewhere I was hoping to go was cancelled, I did an alternative trip that was not too far to travel while recovering. I went to look round Edwinstowe with a friend who lives that way, calling in at the Art and Craft Centre while in the area.

If we were having coffee, I would also be saying to you that I have been hiding a little secret, (unless you are one who I shared this secret with already.) I have been learning to play the guitar. I have an acoustic guitar and I kept it secret because i did not know if I would take to playing it or not. But I have taken an interest to playing it. I play just for my own pleasure and for relaxation. I self-taught to start with, then I had a few lessons with a tutor to make sure I wasn’t forming any bad habits. These lessons though, never felt right and after a third of a fourth lesson I paid in advance, I could not wait to leave. I did not go back for my fourth.

Although I have had a couple of weeks not playing, I do hope I will get back to it. The last lesson did not destroy my love for it, but whether underneath it did knock my confidence for not playing, I don’t know. I was on it every day mostly, till then.

I feel, when I learn some things, it takes longer for me, but if I keep practising, I know I will get there and if anyone who teaches me realises I take longer learning and be patient with me, then we will make a good team.
I have had someone who has given me some good tips where I volunteer at Rosewood and he felt with what I had told him, that I knew enough without going for private lessons and just to do it my way. That’s what I will be doing.


6 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee – late August

  1. I used to work for an oral surgeon and your experience sounds very familiar! So glad you got through it.

    Also, congratulations on the talent!

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    1. Thank you Cheryllynn.

      I really hope this procedure works. Time will tell. When I have been saying to family and friends that I don’t know if I could go through with this procedure again, if I had to. But then I start to think, well you know what will happen now and maybe next time I will relax more. Past dental fears I have had, I have managed to pass that fear I had and I am relaxed having it done now.

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  2. Yes. It’s took me a long time to get to where I have been the last couple of years, of being less nervous in the dentist chair and also getting rid of situations that I was really petrified with. 😊


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