Stepping out of my comfort zone

After reading Katie’s post, “WARNING: You are about to leave your comfort zone,” it reminded me of my own stepping out of the comfort zone challenge I want to do next. The challenge being heights which I first mentioned about on my old blog I used to write. Although I have not mentioned about this much since, I have not forgotten about it. I am just waiting for the right time when either on a day out, or a holiday, to come across one.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is good for you as Katie has expressed in her above post and I have expressed this in my old blog too.

Past stepping out of my comfort zones have been volunteering at Ashfield Play Forum, (which I still do on Monday’s) and going back to school.
I also shadowed physiotherapy assistants a few occasions, which gave me the “can-do” attitude. After I did this, the plan was to shadow later elsewhere in the hospital, which I did and I shadowed a healthcare assistant for the day on a clinic.
Now I hope to gain skills and experiences for my CV by volunteering at Rosewood, which I can use when applying for jobs as a mental healthcare assistant. Being a mental healthcare assistant, is the career path I would like to take.


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  1. Well done for stepping out of your comfort zone, you should be so proud of yourself. I am so glad my post inspired you to write this 🙂

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