Teaching Mum healthy eating

My Mum has had some bad eating habits for a while now, as well as myself, there has also been another friend that has given my Mum advice on healthy eating.
One bad habit of my Mum’s is having ready-made meals instead of cooking from fresh. Eating ready-made meals can have hidden salt and sugar you would not believe, unless you read the food labels.

Anyone can eat healthy

All it takes is motivation

Motivation is the hard one, but it can be achieved and when you see the results that you want, then motivation becomes even easier.

My Mum recently has discovered she is borderline diabetic. I have said to my Mum if she starts to look after herself and stick with it, she can reverse this.

If you live on your own like I do and my Mum, then sometimes cooking for one can un-motivate you. But you can change this feeling by cooking something new and experimenting with food.

Forget diets, as they restrict what you can eat and are only temporary. Instead, think long-term and reap the benefits.

Readers of this blog and my old one I used to write and family and friends will know I no longer take blood-pressure tablets through healthy eating. I am so proud of this result, because I never thought I would see that happen. As well as this, I no longer feel tired as I did and I have extra energy. I have also lost weight gradually too.

I write down a menu plan for the week ahead, before my current one runs out and shop for what I need for that week if needed. I have a whiteboard on my kitchen wall with Monday to Sunday on it which displays my weekly food menu. (My mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks not included on this.) By having this whiteboard visible on the wall, I am able to see what I am eating that week and it helps to keep me motivated.

My weakness is sweets and so I am best not to buy this in advance and have in the home. If it is not there, then I cannot have it. But also if I have a craving, like chocolate for example, the chances of me going out to buy it, is nil. But had it been in the house already, then I would have been tucking in.

My Mum already has the tools to eat correctly, she just has to find the motivation to do it and the confidence to shop for the right things.
I feel my Mum is starting to listen after this result from her doctor and I have given her new advice, along with what I have mentioned before and I have sat down with her to prepare her first menu for the week ahead. There will be no doubt that I will support my Mum with any other advice she needs in the weeks, or months ahead, as she starts her healthy eating journey.

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