4 thoughts on “The common misconception of people with mental illness and people in psychiatric hospitals.

    1. Yes, it certainly does need to end and I don’t see it ending any time soon either. Growing up with a close relative of mental health that was serious to start with and knowing other people with mental health problems, as well as my own, I always witness or hear certain comments being made, that I do not like.
      Some people who I liked, when I kept hearing certain repetitive comments over and again, I ended up where I could not keep my mouth shut any longer and said why they kept repeating that word, because it is not appropriate and why. It shut them up after, but I was surprised to hear what they was coming out with.
      Another who was supposed to be aware about mental health issues and claiming to understand, I then questioned them, asking why they said such a word, because it is not acceptable. They apologised, but I heard it again later.


  1. I just don’t think people understand and some of them do not care to understand. I have never dealt with anyone with mental health issues, well until my own. I’m not saying my abusers didn’t have issues but they were never diagnosed to call it anything. So to me it was scary to be diagnosed as I was afraid of the stigma then and I still am now to be honest. That is why blogging with others has helped me feel safe to talk more.


    1. Yes, I agree that people don’t understand as they make out, or don’t want to know. It does take to have a mental health issue diagnosed I think to understand better, when you have been in their shoes.

      I remember the first time I was worried about stigma, but later I could not not care. It is not my problem that others don’t want to understand, as I am busy looking after myself and being with the people who do care.

      Blogging certainly helps in lots of ways. 🙂


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