Virtual coffee – September

If we were having coffee, todays chat would be where I was feeling a bit down and angry, because of my recent follow-up at the dentist. 😦 I would be choosing to have a latte and cake with you, while having our chat.

Since our late August Virtual Coffee Chat, I would be mentioning how my follow-up appointment at my dentist did not quite go smoothly.
The short part of this story is that my stitches were not quite dissolved, but otherwise everything ok so far.
The long part of this story, is that what my dentist had claimed my surgeon had written, was not said to me by the surgeon at consultation, prior to surgery, or after surgery. He said that my surgeon mentioned when writing to them, that I would be having root canal. He brought up the letter to show proof surgeon had said this, when I said I was given choices and at no point when I chosen surgery had root canal been mentioned that I had to have still, only if this operation failed was this mentioned, as well as also being able to have this surgery again, otherwise I would not have put myself through this surgery.
I could not read the letter he was showing me on the computer, because it was that kind of writing that wasn’t clear. I left the dental practice upset and nearly in tears. Same day, I emailed the dental practice to raise my issues and asking for notes my dentist had written, along with copy of letter surgeon had written, as I wanted to pursue this. They gave me a choice where I could see another dentist, or the Practice Manager, where I could see my notes for free, or otherwise a fee for my requested printed copies. I have chosen to see the Practice Manager and I go and see her Monday. So before I point fingers and put in a complaint, I want to see the written facts before me. If I find the surgeon has written this, I will be very shocked as I had put my trust with him. I will put in a formal complaint towards my surgeon if what he has written is true. Time will tell on Monday. 😦 I am no way going through with anything else, then what I was verbally told originally!

If we were having coffee and cake, I would be telling you how I am still receiving High Merit for my Mental Health coursework’s. I am over half way now and I have now signed up for two other courses, with the same place and they all work the same way as before, in the comfort of my own home. (By the way, I never heard anything more about maths next level and I don’t plan to with other courses I am now doing, along with me learning the guitar.)

I would also be talking about how my blog is coming along well and receiving lots of followers. I also seem to find there are a few new followers each day. I also received a lovely blog award, which was a nice surprise.

If we were having coffee, I would be asking you if you have been anyway nice, whether it is just for the day, or longer. I plan to see Ollerton Watermill and pop into the teashop while there.

If we were having coffee, I would be telling you how I am still at Rosewood and feel very welcome there still and part of a team. Nothing more has happened than the usual since our last chat, but now Rosewood have received my checks and references, this means at some point in time I will receive my volunteer ID badge and email for my role. I still have some training to complete for my role and at some point then I will be shadowing for my role and maybe possibly shadowing for another role to see if I may be interested in that too.

I would hope that after my virtual coffee chat, I’d be feeling a little better in your company, than I did at the start.

Is there anything else you like to chat about, while we are on our second drinks? Do share if you would like to.

Maybe we could meet up again in a few weeks, before this month is out? Hopefully I will have an update regarding the dentist and something else new to chat about.

Bye for now and until our next virtual coffee chat, take care. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Virtual coffee – September

    1. Thank you. I know someone is going to be getting it, but until I see that letter from my surgeon myself, I am not going to know. I need to read in my time while there, not someone read it for me when it is that type of writing that is not clear to me. I find it hard to believe my surgeon could say something like this, when this was not said. Which ever way it goes, someone is going to be pursued and will be questioned.

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    1. I use this one:

      Not all courses will be recognised with employers they offer, but it does give you extra skills, or knowledge.
      My Mental Health course will be recognised, as I registered for this one, so I will receive an ABC certification of achievement at Level 3. (ABC registration through BSY is essential with this course.)

      You can do them online, by sending your course work via email, but I send mine via the post. (Make sure you keep your copy on laptop, or USB stick, so should anything go missing via post, you will be able to re-print off.)


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