Virtual coffee – late September

If were having coffee, we would be meeting up where ever you chosen this time. So where would we be?

As you know from our last virtual coffee chat, I had a dilemma at the dentist. Well, I seen that letter the Surgeon had written to my dental practice and HE HAD written that a re-root canal would be needed to be done on that tooth! (This, as I mentioned before, was never pointed out to me.) So it was surgeon from hospital and not my dental practice that I am to be upset with.
My Practice Manager discussed why I would need this doing, which I now understand. But like it was mentioned by dentist last week, when this all first came out, it is a specialist job she said. So I said to her, as I said to dentist last week, that the surgeon, had I chosen re-root canal instead of what I did choose, he was going to send me back. So this was also why I chosen surgery over RC, because I wasn’t going to be passed back, as I was also aware that this would need a specialist to do this treatment.

I discussed when I would have to have RC done. Like, was there a time limit, like when bone comes back round tooth, or before? I learnt I could have it done when I felt ready. So I talked about how I was now and how I was when I had the surgery and what I was feeling at this point, to come to the conclusion that I would have RC as soon as I can and get it over with.
So Practice Manager will be dealing with this herself, so she can tell them why she is phoning, (because she had to explain to me what the surgeon did not explain clearly to me and how I was very upset to learn this later and not before, where I could have prepared myself for it.) And to ensure that when they do refer me to them for RC, that the surgeon isn’t just going to send me back.
When she heard from them, she emailed me back to confirm they would do re-root canal treatment and so I have been referred. So I now wait from them.

As much as I was adamant I would not have another RC done. Now it has been explained to me why I need it, it would be stupid of me to not to have it done, as it would have been a waste to go through what I have been through so far.

If we were having coffee, I’d be telling you how I went back to Ollerton Watermill, with my Mum. This was so I could show my Mum the place and we had our lunch while we were there. Mum had not been here before and enjoyed herself. We then went to Edwinstowe to meet up with my friend at a cafe we have all been to before. We all had a sweet of some kind with a drink.

If we were having coffee, I would be telling you how I have been organising my home a little.
One was creating a “Home File” system, (which some of you might know it being called as a “Home management system.”) The other was sorting out my under stairs cupboard.
My under stairs cupboard now has a 4-tier shelving unit and now my belongings are on there, instead of being on the floor. I can see clearly what is in there now and I have also managed to get my hoover in there, which is an added bonus.

I also looked into possibly having a new fence up, but after receiving quote, this was a no no, for many reasons. But I am looking at alternatives to make my garden private, which are trellis planters and some other things, so until outside is sorted, my sanctuary continues to be inside my home, or other gardens or parks I visit.
I know I need to focus on my garden right now, so it’s a distraction for me, with how I am since my tooth surgery and with what I have to face next. It has been physically and mentally draining.

If we were having coffee, I’d be talking about how I caught up with her family member and her husband. I met them down Mansfield for a couple of hours before going home. I had lunch with them, while we all caught up. It was lovely.

If we were having coffee, I would be talking about how one of my courses I talked about in our last coffee chat, that I thought looked daunting, turned out not to be daunting at all.

I also heard from WTC and everything is fine, so changes are needed to be made with this benefit. I will see how I go into next year, but if I find it stressful as I did this time, I am still two minds to continue with this. Hearing so much bad press about it, I still wonder is it worth it. All being well, my circumstances change before then and I won’t need to continue with it.

My weekend is going to be busy in some way coming up and I have a bit of a full week after.  So my weeks have and are going to go quick.


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    1. It took my own dental practice to explain this. She was great with me and understanding. Shame the surgeon at another practice did not point this out to me, so I was mentally and physically prepared. It has been so draining since the surgery and with the discomfort I get, so it eventually got to me and I cried. But I am ok since this happened now. Well… pain tolerable and I am not as tired as i have been.

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      1. Surgeons seem to be notorious for acting God-like without the corresponding qualities. At least that is what I’ve experienced. Not knowing or understanding makes everything so much harder, stressful and the recovery time much longer. It sure did for me. Hope you recovery continues quickly.

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  1. Good morning! It sounds like you set your foot down and got some answers and decisions made about many things going on in your life. Sounds like a great thing. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how my son just went to the Army and how hard of an adjustment it has been to not have him around. I’d tell you how my little chihuahua is not doing better with her mobility and I am having to come to terms that she may not be with me much longer. I would also talk about all the new redecorating I’ve been doing in our rental.

    We’d have lots to talk about! Enjoy the coffee as I enjoy mine.

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  2. Hi Cheryllynn. Yes, my foot was down and I wanted answers. Although I sounded strong, underneath I had been close to tears for so long from when I first found out, until I eventually could not hold it any longer as mentioning to grace to survive. I did have a distraction from holding me back from crying, but when it came to a halt, that was when I could not hold it any longer. (The distraction was my garden, as I was making plans. It is is back on again, but more about that later in another post or virtual coffee chat.)
    Whether the surgeon will say something when I next see him regards to my re-root canal, I don’t know. But when he as done, if he does not, I will probably be coming out with asking him, “Ok, is that all done now? no surprises to come later where I learn of something else you did not tell me.”

    I don’t have kids myself, but because a friend went through the same thing as you are right now with regards to your son not being at home now, with going in the Army, I gather you will be feeling an ’empty nest’ feeling? Especially if he is your only son. It’s going to be strange for you, but I do hope you find your feet and it won’t be too hard for you. You have an independent man to be proud of.

    Sorry to hear about your chihuahua not doing so good. Awww bless. What a difficult time you will be having. (Hugs.) Pets are like our family members and I have not forgotten my last cat I had; Lady, which I found really difficult when I had to make a tough decision with her. It’s not easy, even when we know whatever decision we make for them is right, it is still hard.
    My current cat, Miley, who is well, I know if I have to face a tough decision with her anytime in the future, she will be another that will tear my heart out. She is like a big kid, a handful.

    I have been wanting to decorate my bathroom since last year. I have the paint in ready and my bathroom is only small, but just not put my mind to it.

    I think we would be going onto our third coffee with our chat. What do you say Cheryllnn? Love to hear about your decorating and more about your little dog.


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