DIYs to help beat the blues

To follow on from my previous post today, I would also like to share this blog post that has some lovely ideas, to beat the blues.


There’s always good days and bad days. Of course no one wants to feel low but unfortunately it happens to everyone at some point, and in some ways, bad days are a good thing as they then help us appreciate the good. However for when you’re feeling down and aren’t sure how to brighten your day, these DIYs will not only distract you and keep you occupied, but they’ll remind you of the good things in your life.

First is a very simple one. I purchased this gorgeous heart key ring off Amazon- there were multiple colours to choose from and the best part is that if you open it up, it has two photo slots inside. Here you can add photo’s of your loved ones, or write out something inspirational. For example here I’ve written ‘One day at a time’ to remind myself to look after myself and take…

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