Virtual Coffee – October

If we were having coffee and cake, we would probably be talking about the weather and how it is getting cooler. I still have my thinnest duvet on, but I am starting to debate whether the other should go on now, as I am starting to wear bed socks and fleecy pj’s in bed and still sometimes feel the odd chill. The weather is getting a little confusing where we have had chilly weather one minute, but then the next, hot. So you just don’t know how to prepare do you? 🙂

If we were having coffee, I would be talking about my garden, how I am making plans to make it more private for me. First thing was to sort out replacing of some of my boundary, then treating all of my fence, before buying things that will go along side my fence to give me some privacy. I plan to buy first a small storage unit and a planter trellis. Fake hedging will go on my trellis to give instant, all-round privacy, with lavender in the planter. (I will share more of my yard maybe later in a separate post of what I have been up to.) I already have folding chairs and table set. This saved me some money after a kind friend let me have them and another friend is going to give me some cushions for them that she no longer wants.

If we were having coffee, I would be telling you how I have sent off lesson 1 of my “Health Care: Challenging Managing Behaviour.” I am feeling confident that I will receive a good mark for this, as I have done still for my other course.

If we were having coffee, while having this chat I would choose to eat something much healthier today with my coffee. I would choose to have a jacket potato with cheese and baked beans, served with side salad. I slipped up last week my healthy eating by exceeding my sweet things I allow myself.
It did not help that I went to a coffee morning that was raising money for a charity. I was really bad, having lots of cake, or other sweet things. I have found that because of this, I have had some cravings for sweet things that I would not usually have, since I started my  healthy eating. If it continues, I may go on the 10-day sugar-free diet again, that I did before, out of curiosity, from the Elsa Jones book I have and that you know about. I have also noticed how I have felt a little more tired than normal too. (With exception of some tiredness due to lack of sleep at times.)

If we were having coffee, I would be asking when you would like to meet up for our next virtual coffee chat. Would you like another one near end of this month, or shall we leave it till next month?

I would also ask how you are and what has been going on in your life, that you would like to share?

Till our next virtual coffee chat, take care. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee – October

  1. As for Liz, I am debating on putting my bed throws on as it’s starting to get colder outside. Good luck in your 1st lesson “Health Care: Challenging Managing Behaviour.” I am sure you will fine and get the results you wish for, as you have done in your previous course work

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  2. I put my winter duvet on at the beginning of the week. It is amazing! I have also eaten far too much cake and sweet things this past week so i got my healthy eating back on track and dragged myself back to the gym. How does the virtual coffee work? I am very interested in it. I love nothing more than a natter over coffee.

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    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by at my Virtual Coffee.

      I bet we are not the only ones gone overboard with our sweets, but as long as we are back on track, that is all that matters.

      I first came across the idea of Virtual Coffee through doing different styles of writing with WordPress; Finding Everday Inspiration course.
      This free course gave a chance to test out different styles of writing and #virtualcoffeedate was one of them. I decided to change it later to Virtual Coffee, using #virtualcoffee.

      Creating Virtual Coffee posts on your blog, like I have done, you can write in the style you like, chatting about anything you want, like you would if you were meeting a friend for coffee and basically see how people respond back and chat accordingly.

      These types of posts are ideal to talk about something different to what you usually write and it is a chance for your reader to learn something about you maybe, making it a little personal for them.

      Everyones style of Virtual Coffee chats are different and you can do a Virtual Coffee chat how often you like.
      I mostly do one once a month, but there has been two a month just recently. Do take a look at my past Virtual Coffee posts by clicking on the according tag to give you an idea of my past chats and via your WordPress dashboard, do a search for #virtualcoffeedate so you can see other styles of writing when doing a Virtual Coffee post.
      There is no right or wrong way. I look forward to your Virtual Coffee posts, if you choose to write something like this on your blog. 😊

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