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Gardening is good for wellbeing and where I live, I wouldn’t say I have a garden, it is more like a yard. But when those weeds are growing through cracks in my concrete, from inside my home, when looking at my yard, it looks like a garden for the wrong reasons. 😀

Through recent Virtual Coffee posts, I have been talking about how I need to be in the garden because of problems I have been having since surgery with my tooth. (It will take 6 to 12 months healing.)
Being in the garden will take my mind off the discomfort I am having at times and the worry for the concern of the next stage I am to have and then when it is all done, whether it was successful or not. I know that being in the garden will also make me relax. But as you can see, it is not private, or inviting.



I did look into a 6ft fence, but it was expensive and because I rent, I wasn’t going to pay that. When I was gutted because of price, I realised that I was looking forward to do something with this yard and it was distracting me away from other things. So I knew I needed to still do this. So I looked into alternative solutions that I could have along my boundary to make it feel private, but not permanent.

As this post airs, I have quite a few definite things that will go into my garden and a couple of things I will buy to put along my boundary. Once these are in place, it will be easier where else I go from there along the boundary, because I have to make sure a small sewer drain is accessible, should it ever need to be.

Before I bought and put along my boundary fence that I plan to do, the first thing I needed to do was at least get the slatted fence repaired. On closer inspection, it wasn’t worth repairing though, so I arranged with my handyman to replace it for me. I think he has done a good job and I am happy with it. He also patched up the holes in the concrete where the weeds were growing through.


The next is to paint all of my side of the fence, before things go up along side it. I hope to get this done by Sunday, weather permitting.

My old blog I used to write, I used to share my garden progress there and heard from quite a few people how they enjoyed following it, so as this one progresses, I will share this garden with you too. 🙂


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  1. The transformation is brilliant Liz, its a lot better than it previously was. Your handy man has done a good job


    1. Thank you Andrew. Yes, I am happy with the work he has done for me. But what ever he does, I have always been.
      I made sure he put the panels in so the best side was facing next door for two reasons. One for keeping it looking the near the same as possible with the other fencing, but also for no temptation of any neighbour having an idea of putting their foot on it, to climb up. Something my previous neighbour did one time and broke it when coming down, due it not being strong in the first place.


  2. Very cool!

    What about some of those woven rush fence panels to give you a temporary fence, as such? Even if it is only up the end where your new fence is you could have a seat, some flowers or herbs in pots and maybe even a plant to go up the dividers if you are there with any permanency? You can get long planters with trellises at the back whichmight also be an idea for privacy once the plants grow…honeysuckle?

    You can get them cheaper than this but this is just to show you what I mean

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    1. Actually, the first link you share is just the thing I am planning on. 🙂 The first one will be nearer to my house, as this is where I plan to sit with a small table and chairs. I have artificial hedging which I have ordered that is on it’s way hopefully. (Having problem with the courier who is delivering this.) This will go on the trellis. Then from there, I am debating whether the next trellis will be on wheels, because there is a drain that will need to be accessed easily, or whether it will be a smaller trellis and pots. In the planter itself will be lavender.

      The second link is an idea for the bottom half of the garden if I feel I need this. (I may have loads of pots, which some will have bamboo in them.)

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  3. The new fence looks great. Perhaps you could consider buying some pots and planting evergreens, or maybe some bulbs. That way you could take them with you, should you ever move. I have had a few pots this summer with geraniums in and it has made such a difference. It didn’t cost too much either.

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    1. I certainly have plenty of pots planned for like you say, should I move, then they can come with me. I am thinking on some bamboo tress for height, but I will look into other evergreen plants. Down where the new fencing is, I plan to have a storage unit there just as you get to the first new panel. It is high, so will help with privacy too. 🙂

      I have some free seeds from garden magazines, but having geraniums is certainly another good idea.

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