Update and things I have learnt

Bought some pots of heather’s and lavender ready for planting and I also have a pot with purple crocuses, not pictured.


I have a small folding table and chairs set, given to me by a friend. This has saved money for me and they are like new. I have been treating this friend to a couple of meals paid for and one where I will cook him a meal, to show my thanks, which I am glad he is accepting. 🙂
I also have some butterfly cushions that another friend gave me, that she no longer wanted, for my chairs. They are beautiful.

I have plenty of seeds that came with garden magazines I bought and also some that I bought. I have:

  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Quite a few different varieties of sweet peas
  • Lupin
  • Godetia
  • Larkspur

I want to eventually grow carrots and blueberries. (I’m sure later I will decide on something else.)

Learning something new

A 500ml empty bottle of pop, comes in handy for indoor watering. Just drill a few holes in the top for the water to come out and one on the bottle, near the top of the bottle for an air hole, which helps the water to come out ok.

This you could also do on a milk bottle, for outdoor watering of plants, saving money and recycling at the same time. (Something I will do when my watering can wears out.)



I also learnt new, that sprinkling salt onto weeds kills them, so I did this prior to my handyman coming to do fencing, as the roots of the weeds were very tough. It done the job, because the handyman thought I had put weed killer on them. I never heard of putting salt on weeds before and so I Googled it and could see this was mentioned and also vinegar!

Important tip I learnt though! Be careful where you sprinkle that salt, as it will kill all plants that comes into contact with it.