The Mummy Break Challenge: Are You Game? — Lucy At Home

I wanted to share this with my readers, because being Mum’s, you deserve to look after yourself too and it does not have to cost money. You don’t have to feel guilty taking a little time out for yourself and you will feel better for it too, which helps you to continue doing what you do as a Mum.

I recently read a post on a fellow bloggers site about taking a mummy break. Michal, of, rightly spoke about the importance of mummies taking time out for themselves, and made a lovely list of possible things to do. But as I scanned down the list, I had the awful realisation that I haven’t done any of these activities in a long time (like, years!) Why Haven’t I Had A Mummy Break? It’s not a difficult question to answer. In fact I can answer it in 1 word: GUILT! Self-inflicted guilt. I feel guilty about spending money on myself. There might be an unexpected bill later on. I feel guilty about using my time for myself. There are chores to be done. I feel guilty about wanting some space for myself. Surely a mummy should love having her kids…

Source: The Mummy Break Challenge: Are You Game? — Lucy At Home