Yummy yummy: Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie

When I came across ‘Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie,’ via her blog; ‘WhimsyandCosy,’ I could not wait to make it. Just reading it made me hungry and I could vision myself eating this. I saved this recipe to make yesterday, which is easy and quick to make and it wasn’t disappointing. I really enjoyed it and I have some left for another day and I am also sharing a slice with a friend too.

I was talking about the pie later that day with my mum and my uncle. My mum seemed interested and so I said to her I’d make this on Christmas Day and so Christmas is sorted. (I can see me making it before then though.) 🙂

Here is my pie.



Visit Zoe’s post, for her delightful cheese and chicken pie and let her know in her original post, (not mine) on how you found it, as well as if it gave you inspiration to play the recipe and create your own pie.


4 thoughts on “Yummy yummy: Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie

    1. Thank you. I shall certainly be makng it again and I was really chuffed with my pie.

      Although I bought dried mint, I used fresh mint for this. Next time, I will add a bit more turmeric, as I don’t think I added enough. But I still enjoyed it all the same. 😊


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