Yummy yummy: Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie

When I came across ‘Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie,’ via her blog; ‘WhimsyandCosy,’ I could not wait to make it. Just reading it made me hungry and I could vision myself eating this. I saved this recipe to make yesterday, which is easy and quick to make and it wasn’t disappointing. I really enjoyed it and I have some left for another day and I am also sharing a slice with a friend too.

I was talking about the pie later that day with my mum and my uncle. My mum seemed interested and so I said to her I’d make this on Christmas Day and so Christmas is sorted. (I can see me making it before then though.) 🙂

Here is my pie.



Please note

This post has been updated on 9th June 2019, because the link to blog where I originally found this recipe has been removed, due to the blog no longer existing.

4 thoughts on “Yummy yummy: Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie

  1. So happy you loved the recipe Liz!
    Your pie came out so well on those photos 😀

    1. Thank you. I shall certainly be makng it again and I was really chuffed with my pie.

      Although I bought dried mint, I used fresh mint for this. Next time, I will add a bit more turmeric, as I don’t think I added enough. But I still enjoyed it all the same. 😊

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