Virtual Coffee – late October

If were having coffee, I’d be talking about how I have been having lots of coffee meet ups of some kind, with my friends.

If we were having coffee, I’d be saying since our last chat, it wasn’t long after when I did decide to put my warmer duvet on. It feels much better at night.

If we were having coffee, with the weather now cooler, I’m sure I’d be having something hot and depending where we were, it would vary from either a chicken roast dinner, or a jacket potato. What would you be having to eat?
On talking about the weather being cooler and food, what is your comfort food when the weather is cold? For me, it can be a jacket potato with cheese and beans, or a proper hot dinner. Sometimes soup can be comforting too. I like tomato soup, dipping cheese toasties into the soup as another winter comforter. Does anyone else do this? 🙂
For a sweet, there is nothing like an apple pie with custard. Yum. 🙂

If we were having coffee, since our last chat, I’d be saying that my artificial hedge order was causing me problems, due to the courier that the company unfortunately uses. The boss of the company took the matter seriously and put in a complaint to their local rep, which then was escalated further. This resulted in someone from the courier service getting in touch with me to apologise for the inconvenience it caused me and my mum, when they failed to deliver on the day expected. The person who contacted me, said to me that she would ensure that my chosen day would run smoothly this time and that the order be delivered by their courier within a particular morning time slot.
The boss from the company where I ordered the artificial hedge panels offered me free delivery next time, should I wish to order more and if I did, to email so that he could monitor and make sure the courier did not fail again. So  I am happy with how the company dealt with this.
When it came to receiving my order, the courier did bring the order before 10am, but my boxes on inspection looked battered.

Now pay attention, I said boxes.

I was only expecting one package and one of them definitely was not mine, even though it had my name on it. After taking several photos of the boxes from all angles, including the one that was not mine to show there was a label on addressed to me, then partly removing the label to show the one underneath with another address, I found both ok inside. My order I was expecting was not damaged thankfully and neither the extra one that was full of toilet rolls.

I let the company know what I had happened, showing them photos of battered boxes and that their package they sent me although battered, everything was ok inside. I then informed them about the other packaging, adding that I knew this other box had not come from them and that I blame the courier. Next time, should I order, they will use a different courier for me. This was because I told them I would not place a future order with them if they continue to use the one that they use.

I then emailed the lady who contacted me from the courier originally, saying how I was not happy and why and enclosing same photos. The box of toilet rolls were collected by the courier in the end. (The crappy courier, I will not be naming here.) The lady involved looked into how this happened and I received an email on this, which I wasn’t expecting. It was blamed on human error, which I do not believe for one minute and apologized. I did not bother replying to this as far as I am concerned, it is now done and end of.

There is obviously more I have been doing with regards to getting things for my garden, but I will talk about that more in its own separate post later sometime.

If we were having coffee, I’d be telling you how I received a Merit for Lesson one, in Health Care: Challenging Managing Behaviour.

Maybe our next coffee chat could be at my place and I can introduce you to my cat, Miley. I know some of you will know Miley, but she has never been introduced properly here. (Some of you will be thinking, why did I take so long.)  So see you then, in November time. Take care and bye for now.