Bedtime and Health Revamp Update

In the short time I revamped the way I sleep and prior to that, the results have been quick. It did not take long for me to settle in bed by avoiding using bright screens like my laptop and iPad for example a couple of hours at least before bed.
I have also recently bought a new bedside clock from a deaf company, where I can now sleep with an unlit display. Having this clock has certainly made it feel better for me in my bedroom. I only have my fire alert that emits a light, but it has not bothered me as I thought it would.

My rash I was suffering with has almost gone, so it has calmed down quicker than expected. I just have a flare up on one side of my neck.

From not wearing fleecy nightwear, I have noticed a difference in how I don’t get overheated at times. Also, with me finding I am sleeping better at night, I assume this has contributed to me sleeping well at night, as well as omitting unnecessary light.



4 thoughts on “Bedtime and Health Revamp Update

  1. Ok I have started breaking out badly, could it be from all this stress and anxiety? I slept good for the first time last night because I went to bed a little later, glad you are getting better.

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    1. It could be. I know part of my breakout in the past was to do with stress a little. Whether some of this time could be too a little, I am not sure. But it was definetly doing a couple of things different to what I usually use this time.

      It has certainly been good getting a better sleep for me, thank you.

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