Medication review

Today, I seen my doctor for my medication review. This appointment was to see how I have got on since I last seen him and to possibly reduce my antidepressants. Since last time seeing him, I told him I have been mainly well, with exception of recently when I had a week or two where I was feeling low and quiet with myself. I explained to my doctor that it did not help that my rash spread from my hands up and up to my arms, as I was self-conscious about it, as well as it being very irritating. I also said to him that I had it on my neck too and suspected the rash on my arms and necks was a sweat/heat rash, because it got worse when I was feeling hot. Other than that period of time, I have been feeling fine since.
My doctor was happy that I could start reducing my medication, if I was happy to. Which I am. So from today, I start taking my antidepressant every other day for the next two months and see how I go with that. I then see my doctor again in two months time, to discuss how I have been during that time and the possibility of reducing a little bit more. If this happens, then something like taking my medication every three days, but this will be discussed more, when I see him then.

As for my rash, if it came back, I am to use my Cetraben cream.

While I was there, I also had my flu jab. I told him how I chose to not have it last year and that I think I chose to not have it the year before either and so I thought I lost out from being able to have it. He told me I would not lose out, from not having the flu jab in the past and that I am entitled to it, as well as recommending that I should have it, with having asthma.


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