Self-kindness went out of the window today

I have talked about being kind to ourselves in other people’s blog posts when the subject has come up and I think I mentioned it here somewhere too. I know I was being aware of not slipping backwards, which I revealed in this post. But today, my self-kindness has been going out the window in parts. I have called myself stupid a few times today, one of them I only remember for what it was for and it was minor. So I need to nip this in the bud. (I gave myself a good ticking off prior to writing this post. Did I need to tell myself off anymore? lol)

It has probably just been a long day for me, as I have been up since just before 6am for a delivery that could come anytime today. (This came this afternoon.) I was waiting for three  planters with trellis and I have a problem with one of them received, as it is damaged. So I have emailed about that. Surprisingly, I am not tired, because usually tiredness can make me snappy with myself.

How has your self-kindness been?

14 thoughts on “Self-kindness went out of the window today

    1. I know. But when I am like that, which I have not been like it for a while, I can be a bugger saying I am stupid. Today was one of them. x

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      1. Thank you. I feel a little tense, as though I still need to calm down my snappy side. Except it’s weird, as I know I don’t feel snappy with myself now, like earlier.

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      2. That happens sometimes. Do you enjoy reading? I’ve found that when I feel like that, it helps to drown myself in a good book with a warm mug of hot chocolate or tea. 😉

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      3. I do enjoy reading, but I have seemed to put it on a back burner for a while with my studying. This reminds me to get one out and motivate myself to read again, away from the studying. 😊

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