What I did on my, ‘Me Time.’

I loved having my ‘Me Time,’ recently. First thing that morning, I did find it surprisingly strange not to check my mobile phone, but lovely at the same time. I had breakfast at a local shop not far from my hairdressers, as I had an appointment there that morning. While there, I just watched the world go by.
After my hairdressers, I leisurely strolled in town and called into a couple of shops. I ended up booking a lesson for the following week in crochet. This will be something new for me as I have never tried crochet before. I do have a friend who will show me and if she is reading this, I am still happy for you to show me. I have also bought a book on crochet and later that day, I practised a couple of basics. I think I could get into this. 🙂

On my ‘Me Time,’ day, I also coloured in some mandala’s on my free 2017 calendar I received with my crochet magazine, read a bit, painted my nails, which I have not done for a long time and watched some of Walking Dead Season 6, while Miley, (cat) was enjoying giving me a cuddle. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Yes, the guilt can sometimes happen as well, or the feeling of just having to be available 24 hours a day, just because technology is there. I totally recommend it. 😀

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